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Bonny Ibhawoh

History – April 2 , 2013 Key Themes  Imperialism  Rise of Technology and Industrialization  Colonialism (difference between Imperialism and Colonialism) o Imperialism is more economic control (Karl Marx)  Nationalism  Connections between imperialism, nationalism, colonialism  Peace  Human rights  How do they connect  Have to support with facts  Four C’s: critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity  Soviet imperialism (some nations could not exert independence during the Cold War) History – April 9 , 2012 Section: DENTIFICATIONS (30 points)  Briefly define six from the list of 12 terms and concepts below  Explain the significance of each to the course. Do not exceed half a page (14 lines) per identification Section 2: ESSAYS  (3 questions, answer 2)  Two essays (2 x 35 points)  Answer question one and any other question  Question one is compulsory Themes  War o War propaganda (selling war o Revolution (chinese revoution, revolutions in latin america) o Violence/ conflicts  Peace o Satyagraha, Gandhi o 14 points o How do we solve the problems that created the first world war o The four freedoms: Freedom from fear, freedom of religion, freedom from want, freedom of speech/expression  Human rights o Universal declaration of human rights o Movements for human rights  Imperialism  Nationalism o India o Latin America o Africa o How nationalism becomes a response to imperialism Compulsory essay question will be about themes th How did peace movements define/shape the 20 century? The conflicts of the 20 century were for the most part predicated on issues of imperialism and nationalism, discuss. Topics for main essays (bolded)  The Age of Imperialism  The first world war  The Chinese Revolution and Aftermath  The second world war  Indian nationalism and independence  Decolonization in Africa and the middle east  Civil Rights and Revolutions in the Americas  The Cold War  Change and conflict in the middle east  The Collapse of Communism and Age of Globalization Course Terms 1 Introduction  Marxism: Karl Marx o Socialism/communism as articulated by Karl Marx
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