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3FF3 September 13 Lecture

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Pamela Swett

September 13 Nazi Germany  2/3 of the party was under 40 years of age – a young party  How did this party promote themselves? o A tiered form of politics – they had structured groups, stratified politics – they had members in the communities and would hear about local concerns and send them upwards through the chain to sensationalize them and make them concerns that would address many common Germans  “A catch-all party of protest” – they hate everything o true to some extent – if they were talking to a group that they knew were not anti-semitic, they would calm down or quiet they anti- semitic beliefs o they targeted people and said to them what would please them o choosing their argument based on who they were talking to o BUT they spoke of the Volksgemeinschaft to every type of audience o Unifying ideal of Volksgemeinschaft trumps protest  Visibility o The party was very visible and obvious because they were able to be mobile thanks to flying and driving from city and city o Mass media (radio and to a lesser extent, film)  Who’s drawn to their arguments? o Biggest proportion of their followers were middle-class Protestants o Middle class felt they had lost the most, most impact due to the economy o Protestants opposed to Catholics: Catholics already had a political party they were attached to and followed (the Center Party) o They did gain many worker followers because they used to speak to them directly  They tried to get rid of class tensions and antagonisms, try to unite the white collar and blue collar workers  They wan
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