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Nazi Germany notes 1-2

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McMaster University
Pamela Swett

Germnay and German Jew 1900 Inustrialization and Urbanization demographic explosion cities under pressue Jews after Emancipation economic upward mobility Limits of intergration Ostjuden as outsiders by 1900 left behind authourtarinWilliam II was absolute rulermonarchical constituitonism chancellor answered to Kyzer parliament delt with taxes and so King could not rule without parliament All men could vote universal manhood suffrage was not democracy but culture that supported democracy largest party Catholic center party most of the population were social democrats new civil code that protected the right of minorities economy was in good shape Germans were the most educated flourishing culture1900 most educated enlightened nation throughout 19001933 large population growth 1871 unification of Germany 1800 foreigners 1910 13 foreignerslife expectancy and mortality was down and birth rates were up adding to population growthalong rhine riverof cities growing because people moving from rural to urban areascoal and steel production infrastructure was not thereextensive building which meant rapid change in citiesromanticized farms as a result of poor infrastructure middle class reformers see problems in cities and want to fix them because view cities as cultural centers jews moved to citieseconomic and socialcultural opportunitiesJEWS 1860 various kingdoms pass own legislation that gave jews individuals rightsemancipation rights of citizenship 1871 adopted legislaturemillion in Germany 1 of population German religious freedom meant a lot of Jews wanted to go to Germany Intermarriage was not uncommonmarry ChristiansJews and genitilies were interactingjew tended not to convert they lived mostly in rurual areas making a living as traders and money lendersbefore emancipation could not own property therefore there was no option of farming so they were forced into these less respected positions Peddlers coming around with household supplies After emancipation can now own property not going to be farmers because they had no experience but had experience in money lending and business
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