HISTORY 2TT3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Canadian Nationalism, Governmentality, Asian Canadians

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History 2TT3
January 6, 2017
Method of Assessment
Tutorial Participation 20% - approximate 1/3 of your grade is made up of attendance, 2/3 is
made up of speaking in class
Article Assessment 20% - Choose and article from the required textbook
Due February 10
Research Essay (including proposal) 35% - Proposal Presentations Week 12
Essay due April 4
If you choose to write about something different from what is listed, clear it with the professor
5% of your grade is the proposal presentation, very informal, bring one of your sources, explain
your topic to the class
2 primary sources and 6 secondary sources minimum
Final Exam 25% - short, and essay answer questions
More details later in the course
Why start in 1885? Why not 1867 or 1900?
Idea of the end of one era and a movement into another
Major Trends in Canadian History, 1885 to the Present
Modernity: belief in linear progress of individuals and society, based on scientific and
technological development
Linear view of history
Railways symbolizes progress, getting better
A powerful theme that dominated as new technologies eventually replaced the railway
Liberalism: primacy of individual rights and freedoms, particularly rights to property and capital
Major Trends: Identity
A shift from the influence of Britain in Canadian commerce, culture, and national identity to the
growing influence of the U.S. by the end of WWII.
A tension between:
1) The need for immigrants as sources of labour in cities, and as drivers of settlement in
the prairie west
2) The politics of accommodation to the cultural differences that non-British/White
immigrants brought with them
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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