HISTORY 3N03 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Clifford Sifton, Dominion Lands Act, Campbell Scott

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11 Jan 2017
History 3NO3: Poverty, Privilege and Protest in Canadian History
January 11, 2017
Study Questions
Describe the historical relevance of residential schools in Canada.
Who was Duncan Campbell Scott and what was his role vis-à-vis residential schools?
Why and how did Canada populate the West?
Railway System Map
Caada’s first prie iister elieed the ostrutio of a railay as itegral
And it was to transportation and communication between provinces, as well as commerce
However, the railway was built in dangerous conditions, and the labour was significantly done
by immigrants and temporary workers
In the years following confederation, Canada desperately sought farmers
Overview of Early Canadian Immigration Policy (Part 2)
From the 1880s until WWI (1914), over 4 million people came to Canada
Caada’s populatio at Cofederatio as oly 3.5 illio
The focus of early Canadian immigration policy was to attract newcomers to settle the
Canadian West
The government mostly favoured British immigrants as well as those form the United States
This period: from open door policy to restrictions
Part 1: Residential Schools (1880s-1996)
The decades following Confederation marked the beginning of a terrible stretch of years for
Indigenous peoples, especially in the West
The movement of indigenous people to less fertile land opened up more desirable land for
Caada’s desire to settle the lads for farig sered as the justifiatio for dispossessig
Indigenous peoples of their land
After the decline of the buffalo, Indigenous peoples were encouraged to take up agriculture,
however; they were not given the tools to do so
Poliy of aggressie assiilatio = Residetial shools
The first residential schools opened around 1880, and the last residential school closed in 1996
in Saskatchewan
Idea that the best chance for success of Indigenous children would be to learn English, and
European customs that they would then teach to their children
Children were thought to be easier to shape than changing their parents views
Attendance was mandatory to the point that agents were kidnapping children from reserves
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