HISTORY 3N03 Lecture 7: 3N03 Jan 24

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7 Feb 2017
History 3N03: Poverty, Privilege and Protest in Canadian History
January 24, 2017
World War I and Civil Liberties
Britai’s delaratio of ar agaist Gera ad the Austro-Hungarian Empire on September
4th, 1914 automatically included Canada
WWI: turning point for the country
“oe historias all WWI Caada’s ar of idepedee hereas others ephasize the
resultant deep social and political cleavages
Canada’s Place on the World Stage, circa 9s and 9s
Canada was very much a division of the greater British Empire along with places like India
Canada worked alongside Great Britain in the pursuit of common goals
Caada did’t hae eassies aroad, et to ar he Britai did, ad reall did’t aitai
any control over their own foreign affairs
Some Canadians saw that alliances with the empire would help Canada
Many Canadians held close ties to Britain, having been born there, or related to someone who
It was thought that Britain could protect Canada from the United States
The South African War (1899-1902) or the Boer War
Marked Caada’s first offiial dispath of troops oerseas
Some Canadians asked why they were sending troops to British war that was so far away, and
had no effect on its citizens
Laurier initially opposed sending troops, but the bonds to the Empire were too strong, and the
pressure mounted upon the prime minister to reconsider
Laurier eventually allowed volunteers to enlist, resulting in 7000 soldiers being sent to Africa
Henri Bourassa (1868-1952)
Resigned parliaetar seat i protest oer Caada’s partiipatio i the Boer War
Promoted bilingualism and biculturalism nation-wise
Founder of Le Devoir espaper  oe of Quee’s ost iportat ad ifluetial
Argues that Canada still needed British protection, but that recent imperialist expansion was
A regie of lad-graig ad ilitar doiatio that sought to ipose o the orld the
supremacy of the Anglo-“ao rae
Essentially believed that Canada was getting involved in a useless aggression-based war for no
With the conscription crisis, his voice became louder
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