HISTORY 3N03 Lecture 8: 3N03 Jan 31

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7 Feb 2017
History 3N03: Poverty, Privilege and Protest in Canadian History
January 31, 2017
Responses to the Great Depression Lecture 1
The purpose of this lecture if to find out what was going on in the global economy, its effects
upo Caada’s eooy, ad her people
Canada is one of the countries most effected by the stock market crash as Canada depended on
trade to supplement the economy
As a result, millions of Canadians were left hungry, homeless, and unemployed
This was a social crisis as well as an economic one and spurred the rise of the welfare state,
including public healthcare and employment insurance
As soon as someone lost their jobs in this time period, the relief offered was limited to minimal
government assistance and acts of charity
Because of the severity, the Great Depression shaped the political culture of Canada for
decades after
Part : The Roarig Teties
After the First World War, the population was in celebration
By 1923-24, the economic slump that followed the First World War was over:
- World economies had improved and countries were buying Canadian goods
- Demand for Canadian wheat reached record levels
- American companies invested in Canadas natural resources and manufacturing
The combination of these factors led to a fantastic period of economic boom
Because of this, there are a number of important social changes
Canadians had greater disposable income, meaning a consumer society was born
The average people could now afford luxuries such as a washing machine
Advertising was also born in the 1920s, perpetuating the consumer culture
The 1920s also brought about the birth of the radio that captured the ears of families across the
Joined people together in a sort of imagined community to listen to news from across Canada
The Flapper ad autooiles ere soe of the roader soial ad ultural hages
Significant gendered changes occurred;
Rise of the debtor society as people could purchase goods on installment plans such as cars,
and washing machines
This increased the consumer aspect, but also contributed to the Great Depression becoming all
the more worse
People lost more than they ever thought they would as they defaulted on these payment plans
The boom was very short
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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