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Lecture 1

HLTHAGE 1AA3 Lecture 1: L1 Introduction

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Health, Aging and Society
Anju Joshi

Jan 4 Health studies approach to Health: focuses on wellbeing as a broader aspect focuses on groups and communities not just individuals WHO definition: State of complete physical, mental, and social well being Healthy person: content, physically well, good place in life, basic needs are met Disciplinary perspectives: Applies all perspectives Consider why a neighborhoods levels of obesity have increased 1. Sociological approach (office jobs) 2. Economist approach (cost of vegetables) 3. Anthropological approach (fast food) 4. Psychologist approach (stress and depression) 5. Geographers approach (gyms and parks) Health studies asks: How are health and health care socially and culturally constructed? What are the ideologies, principles, and powers underpinning health care and health systems? What are the health challenges facing individuals and how are they experienced? Challenging Institutional Norms and Power Relationships Simply because someone in authority offer ideas on health, they should not be automatically accepted Health policies and services are subject to political and economic whims and necessities these should be discussed and analyzed Recognizes that peoples own knowledge and experiences also matter Understanding medical and academic expertise as construction rather than indisputable fact Consider food labels Critiquing Social Practices Health practices are informed by underlying ideas and philosophies, some of which may be appropriate but others may be harmful Examining How Local Practices Reflect Global Processes The world is interconnected and interdependent Need to think about health outside the western context Aiming to improve health How can wellbeing be achieved? Working with community groups, individuals to discover how they believe health can be improved Stigma, the consumersurvivor movement, and mental illness Conclusions: Health and illness are constructed ideas, influenced by an array of political, economic, personal, and sociocultural forces As a discipline, health studies uses a critical approach to reveal, understand, and critique these processes Aims to challenge traditional ideas and authority
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