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Health, Aging and Society
Geraldine Voros

Sicko Adam:  He had an accident (cut on his knee) o Doing his own stiches  50 million Americans with no health insurance Rick  He sawed off the tops of two of his fingers  He has no insurance  Has to pay 12000 dollars to reattach one finger  1800 of the 50 million Americans with no health insurance will die this year Larry and Dona Smith  Both had good jobs and health insurance  Larry had 3 hart attacks  Dona got cancer  The health bills added up and they had to give up their house even though they had health insurance  They were bankrupted Frank  Age 79  He has Medicare but it doesn’t not cover all the medication that hi and his wife need  Still working as a janitor Laura  In a car accident  Insurance did not cover the ambulance ride because it was not approved but she was knocked out Jason  6 feet 130 pounds  Too tall to be covered  Another girl did not get health insurance because they rejected her because they said she was over weight Dug  Had a daughter that is going deaf and insurance said they will only pay for the operation on one ear not both  Complained and then got both ears Becky  Works in a call center for people who want health insurance  Will not give it out to people who have diabetes or cancer  A very long list of different conditions that will refuse people  ¼ of Americans can still get health insurance Maria vs. Blue shield  Her insurance said she did not have a tumor and she had a denial to get a head scan  Went to another country and got the scan and they told her she had a tumor  When someone gets a decline for a treatment or testing then the company or doctor will get a raise  Tara had a health plan but then they cancelled her plan because she had a yeast infection in the past  They did not look at her past medical records until later  They look for everything that they could find to purposely cancel the plan  They want to maximize profit Julie  Works in a hospital  Her husband had cancer  Insurance only covered an experimental treatment that the hospital denied Lindepino  Confesses that she killed a man for denying a man treatment just to save half a million dollars for the company  Over time people get less and less care  The system was broken and the companies and insurance were getting rich and the people were getting poor Hillary Clinton  Decided to make health care for everyone first priority  Health care that can never be taken away and there are less qualities to be denied  As much as she fought for it, people were protesting against it  She was never aloud to bring it out again  She was paid to keep quiet  The ceo of drug companies and health care became very rich as prices went higher  Medicare act of 2003 was signed o Elderly had to pay more for their prescriptions than before Before  Too many people were in the hospital  The system was broken before Clinton came  It was effecting the poor the most Adrean Cample  At 22 got cancer  She was refused from health care because they said she was too young to be getting that kind of cancer  Came to Canada for treatment o Lived with a friend to get free health care  What she was doing was illegal Canada  9-10 months for bypass surgery  Pay doctors less  Less surgery in one day  Canadians love their insurance and would never move to the US o Many Canadians would not even visit the s
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