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Health, Aging and Society
Elena Neiterman

HLTHAGE 1AA3 –Jan 19, 2012 Sociological imagination - whatever happens in your life that is bad, you can blame it on society; link everything to social forces/position in society  Can be for happy stuff too Social Structures  Society have predictable way of communicating with each other  Two people never see each other, but they have common ground as to how to relate to each other Global vs Micro  Women give birth, men work  Could be personal  However, on a global level, in general, men receive more money and earn more than women, so may not be personal What is a Theoretical Paradigm?  Way to explain things of the world  Trying to explain why things are the way they are  Why? Structural Functionalism  Observing society on the top  Looking at communities, institutions, etc, not individuals  We need politics, education, healthcare, economy to function as society  Each part of society is interconnected with each other  If there is a mess in one part, then the whole thing is affected and not gonna work well The Sick Role *important*  We have this idea that when we are sick, we can deviate from our normal behaviour and role  We enjoy the rights that healthy people do not have  Assumes that you perform certain roles, so when you're sick, you use healthcare system which was developed to get you to perform your normal role again Criticisms  Focuses on illness that come and heal quickly and got away, not the long-term ones  Long term ones that occur on a daily basis, but does not excuse the person from their social role/work  Does not count for things like depression  Assumes a perfect relationship with the doctor  Two people treated differently by the doctor  Parson has a lot of trust in doctors  One doctor may not be as perfect as another doctor Conflict Paradigm  Everything is in conflict  Social inequality embedded in society  The class relations affects people's actions in life  Human's struggle over resources, like money and position  Society is based on social instability  The rich do whatever they want with poor people, make them work  Karl Marx believed that the poor people could chang
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