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Health, Aging and Society
Geraldine Voros

oct 3 Woman healers and patients  health and health care position of leadership  both in Europe and western society women the original "healers" or doctors  men exercise a well thought out plan to suppress women healers  men wanted to be the dominant professionals in the health care field  executed an active take over  men would haul water to and from places, but men stepped in when they figured they could make money off of selling...women did it for well being of family  man made a conscience decision to be provider of family Why did this happen?  men's dream of controlling "healing" (medicine) and related institutional organizations believed they could define medicine and research and the practise  men's view and women's views differ regarding health and health care - extrinsic (power and control where they can derive power and prestige) vs. intrinsic: (women: labour of love, sharing of the knowledge and ability to heal, didn't see need to charge for it or demand prestige ex. mother Teresa) Subservience of Women  historically women healers formally recognized as early as 476 A.D - 1450 A.D, were highly thought of here  from 13-1800's men began to take over the manipulated suppression of women healers  ruling class: both political and religious elements create an aura of contamination around women- better known as the "witch craze"  woman healers were now seen as a threat because 1) politically (they had a lot of communications and respect among the poor, so the people who ruled at the time thought if women became politically minded they would start a riot) 2)religiously (church was frightened of these women because they had an empirical approach, trial and error, and passed this info on to others, but church didn't want free thinkers who question and explore) 3)sexually (patriarchal society, so women had to power within the church, but these women healers were very confident and were not ashamed of their critical thought this made women "evil"...killed millions of wome
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