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Kleinman Figure 3 Discussion

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McMaster University
Health, Aging and Society
Geraldine Voros

Social Construction of RealityHealth care systems are socially and culturally connectedUniversal health care is part of our social reality as CanadiansDoes it play a part in our being one of the best places in the world to live UN investigationstudy Dr Fife what was the major determining variable for Canada to be number 1Highest educated women in the worlda grade 11 level of education More women in post secondary education than the USAWhen you educate a man you educate one person when you educate women you educate a society We fell to 3 and 6 place because The way in which indigenous people are treated in Canada Child poverty is high in Canadian society The social reality of universal health care an ingrained value in our society 1600s Particularly in France Roman Catholic Church Running in competition with church were convents and nunsnuns were selfless people educated children medical contributions for as little as possible and sometimes nonepopulation of everyday people were strongly supporting the nunsChurch saw this was affecting their power France sent over many of these nuns to the new world they set upschools and started to build hospitalsTommy Douglas father of universal health care in Canada10 years old had a very bad leg parents were poor and made every effort to take him to the doctor doctor said usually they have to amputate and get a wood leg or otheroption is new technique to try and save these kinds of legs if you let me operate on your son and bring my med students in to watch and come theyll do the operation for freeThis is where he got his idea of universal health careIt becomes our social reality on two levels 1The external interpersonal environment we are situated in norms communication with others does everyone have a human right to get health care society has to decide this 2 Our own internal intra psychic spacehow do we define the environmentWe have good hospitals and doctors but how do we look at it What is our opinion
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