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Women Healers and Patients

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Health, Aging and Society
Geraldine Voros

Health and health care position of leadershipBoth in Europe and Western society women were the original healers or doctors they had the position of distinction women did their job for free and gave away free knowledge Men exercise a well thought out plan to suppress women healers Men wanted to be the dominant professionals in the health care field Women were so well respected by the communities that they served that men wanted the same thing and therefore wanted to takeover Executed an active takeoverWhy Did This HappenMens dream of controlling healing medicine and related institutional organizations could define its practice profit prestige Mens view and womens views differ regarding health and health careextrinsic sharing of knowledge ability to heal free vs intrinsicSubservience of WomenHistorically women healers formally recognized as early as 476 AD1450 AD 1300s1600s men initiated and carried out the manipulated suppression of women healersRuling class both political and religious elements create and aura of contamination around womenbetter known as the witch craze men built alliances to gain powerWomen healers seems as a threat PoliticallyHad a lot of networkingcommunication abilities people respected their opinion If women were to become politically minded they could incite a riot against the ruling classthought processFeudal owners would be in deficit if women were to start an uprisingUpper classpoliticians felt threatenedWomen however were not politically minded ReligiouslyChurch was very frightened by womenWomen had an empirical approach to medicine research experimented for generations passed on their info trial and errorChurch was very authoritarian and patriarchal and did not want free thinkersDid not want them to debate discuss questions etcChurch was largely antiwomen Sexuallysexism
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