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Davis-Floyd:Gender Ritual and Birth

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McMaster University
Health, Aging and Society
Geraldine Voros

Gender and RitualDavisFloyd The way society treats pregnancy and childbirth reveals a great deal about the way society treats women Do you hold them in high regard Do you give them the right amenitiesDavisFloyd sees women being treated as bystanders Believes that child birth becomes somewhat ritualized in order for doctors to control the situationMajor life transitions are ritualizedchildbirth is a major life transition Ritualize child birth into a major life transition Moved from girlhood to womanhood from boyhood to manhoodThis occurs in a social cultural contextSocieties deepest beliefs centre on science technology patriarchy and the institutions that control and disseminate themSexist gender lens as Western women told in visible and invisible ways their bodies are defective machines Told they are incapable of giving birth without the assistance of these other male created other machinesThe ritual is a patterned repetitive and symbolic enactment of a cultural belief or valuethe intension is to align the belief system of the individual with that of societyRituals transform societies perception of individuals perceptions of themselvesRitual Stages1 Separation from previous social state2 Transition they are neither on
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