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Commodification and Solidarity Hans-Ulrich Deppe

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Health, Aging and Society
Geraldine Voros

Commodification and Solidarity Healthcare system mirrors societyDistribution of the healthcare resources is the point of interestA dance between social choice and political powerThe myth of cost explosionimplies a change in the concept of health caretraditional though of collectively dealing with social risks vs to healthcare as support for private capital accumulationreindividualization vs commercializationsolidarity vs individual interests Health an existential good a use value a collective an public gooda benefit to societyHealth largely unpredictablenot a choice as in consuming goods it is a general life risk and can not be regulated Canadians Cubans English French universal health care believe that health care is very unpredictable and therefore pooltogether their money and resources so it is available when needed share collectively in this risk of getting illDemand for medical health is initially nonspecificillness must be defined by the specialistexpertgives them power and discretion They have the power they get to choose which illnesses they will treat etc Example difference between cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery done to reconstruct faces
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