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Music and Wellness

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Health, Aging and Society
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Geraldine Voros

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Celebrity Places Sites and Settings WoodstockSARS concert in TorontoQueens Jubilee ConcertPlaces meanings and identities develop over time and may include health care institution ie Betty Ford ClinicQuestion of how musical celebrities factor into health and well beingCelebrities can influencepromote and this can include the health of individuals populations and places as well as address issues of poverty clean water disease Celebrities can convey personal population and global messages Emotional wellbeing may become part of the music consumptionAs music can achieve this impact so also can art poetry literature touch religion etcMusic and Its Interrelated StrandsMusic can be political ie speak to social justice civil rights etc Black slaves music in US Amazing Grace coded messagesMusic can be integrated into peoples lives emotionally and geographically ie engagement place and song playing Music may define the design of cities and how music is made and marketed ie AC CentreMusic may define how urban subcultures interrelate and identify within city spacesMusic may be popular enough to become a movementSARS concert in TorontoLots of people went Globalization of Music and WellbeingMusic becomesTransculturalBring one cultures music to another place and share and incorporate universal languageEnglish songs in Japan etcDeterritoralizing place and identity ie gangnam stylebecoming one no boundaries across nations Reflects traditions of dominant nations Carries a very strong message Various countries in the world are scared of the message carried by foreign songsKISS band very political thought in music Underground bands formed in the countries from inspiration of this band
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