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McMaster University
Health, Aging and Society
Anju Joshi

The Health Care System & Aging: Canada’s health care system: - Does it serve older adults well? - What are some of the major issues and trends? - Federal and provincial and territorial governments role Canada health act: - Principles state that health services must be:  Publicly administered- not privately  Comprehensive- includes all different types of care, ex. not one type of surgery  Universal- available all across the country the same way  Accessible- can’t put limits on the system  Portable- across Canada it has to be the same health care Models of health care: 1. Medical model: - Treatment of diseases, illnesses, and injuries - Body as machine- fix it - Physicians have a great deal of control- provide treatment and act as gatekeepers to other health care services - Relies heavily on use of hospitals, drugs, surgery and rehab 2. Social model: - Medical care is only one dimension of health care - Physician one member of a health care team - Focus is on all aspects of the person - Long-term care (formal and informal care) - Less funding for services to support people at home/out of institutions - Variety of location for provision of services 3. Health promotion model: - Focus on prevention and self-care - Lifestyle changes/ environmental improvements - Examples: anti-smoking, physical fitness, work place safety, pollution control, seatbelts, fall prevention - The Medical model is still the dominant model in Canada 4. Population health model: - Takes a broad view of health and illness - Factors which influence health status include: Gender, income inequality/class status, social integration and networks 5. Population health model: - Disease is linked to specific health behaviors and attitud
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