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Lecture 10

HLTHAGE 1BB3 Lecture 10: Health care System

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Health, Aging and Society
Anju Joshi

Three models of healthcare 1. Medical model a. Focuses on the treatment of diseases and injuries b. Surgery, drug therapy, and rehabilitation are common c. Treatment in hospital institution d. Physicians have control over organization and other health professionals 2. Social model a. Includes personal and family counselling, homecare and adult daycare b. Care often takes place in the community c. Attempts to keep people at home d. Doctor is part of a healthcare team that includes other services e. Long-term care: serve people with chronic illnesses and functional disabilities i. Continuum of care support options 3. Health promotion model a. Focuses on self care and preventing disease through lifestyle change, increase knowledge about healthy behaviour and environmental improvement b. Legislation, public health promotion programs and projects c. Could save the healthcare system money Challenges towards healthcare systems: ● Canadian Health Act (1984) 1. Universal coverage 2. Access to services 3. Portability 4. Comprehensive services 5. Administration by non-profit public agency ● Current challenges: ○ Care shifting from institution to community ○ Privatization of services and long term care ○ Wait times ○ Quality of care ○ Sustainability of healthcare system Cost of healthcare: ● 2009 canada spent 182.1 billion = 5401 per person on healthcare ● Older people accounted for 44% of all provincial and territorial government healthcare spending ● Women more than men ● Private and public expenditures on the rise Why senior healthcare is more expensive than younger peoples: ● Older people have health problems ● Health Care use increases by age ● More use of specialists and general practitioners ● More use of rehabilitation centres and longer stays in the hospital each visit Drug use by older Canadians: ● Prescription drug use accounts for the fo
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