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Lecture 7

HLTHAGE 1BB3 Lecture 7: Health and Aging 1BB3 Lecture 7

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Health, Aging and Society
Anju Joshi

Lecture 7: Functional Capacity -Functional capacity (or functional disability) is an indicator of one’s ability to carry out everyday tasks; it is a limitation in the performance of normal daily activities due to illness or injury -performing the activities of daily living (ADLs) ie. bathing, bed to chair, dressing, toilet, eating, walking -performing instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs) ie. phone, cooking, managing finances, light housework -women and poor elderly people are at higher risk for chronic illness Frailty -characterized by muscle weakness, especially in the legs, fatigue, and diminished energy reserves, decreased physical and social activity, loss of weight, and a slow and unsteady gait. • implications: o falling (leading cause of injury and hospitalizations for seniors in Canada) o emergencies: reduced mobility, serious injuries, nursing home admissions, death o cannot maintain own livelihood o concerns: loss of confidence, not being able to do things for oneself Coping with Physical Change -changes in the environment -product innovations and designs for older people -stair lifts -sitting bathtubs -architecturally designed homes, for example wheelchairs -improvements in technology -robot vacuums -seniors and computer use (connecting via email, facetime etc., finding out information) -assistive devices -trackers -medical alert -hearing aids Lifestyle Changes -smoking later in life -a lot of women over 85 do not or never have smoked -stopped smoking after realization of health risks -exercise
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