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Lecture 6

HLTHAGE 1BB3 Lecture 6: Health and Aging 1BB3 Lecture 6

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Health, Aging and Society
Anju Joshi

Lecture 6: The Aging Body - Personal Health and Illness Longevity -Jeanne Calment (August 4, 1997) -maximum life span: the max number of years a member of the species can live -life expectancy: the number of years at birth an average member of the population can expect to live Biological Aging -intrinsic aging: changes within the body due to normal wear and tear, genetic mutation, and other internal sources of change, including a decrease in lung capacity, hardening of the arteries, and arthritis 1. takes place in all members of the species 2. it is basic to the organism 3. it is progressive 4. it leads to decline in physical function -extrinsic aging: changes due to external circumstances, including the effects of smoking, sunlight, and noise Theories of Biological Aging 1. Programmed Theories (Genetic Aging): action of a person’s genes to find the source of aging. They look to cells. a. programmed cellular senescence b. endocrine theory c. immunological theory 2. Error Theories (Cellular damage that accumulates over time): by-product of mistakes or errors in the body. Can come about through normal cell function or external sources. Can lead to a decline in cellular and physical function . somatic mutation theory a. crosslinking theory b. free radicals theory (extra negative molecule) 3. Other Theories (Molecular Genetics and the Life Course Theory) . mutual impact of the genetics and the environment a. models of interaction sensitive period accumulation pathway The Effects of Aging on Body Systems -musculoskeletal system -sarcopenia, lose bone density, lose muscle strength, osteoporosis -sensory changes -eye sight is inhibited, g
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