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Health, Aging and Society
Anju Joshi

ELDER ABUSE To Examine - Elder Abuse as a Social Problem -Definition of Elder Abuse - Types of Elder Abuse - Risk Factors that Contribute to Elder Abuse -Strategies to Combat Elder Abuse > Resources Elder Abuse –A Social Problem - estimated that between 4 percent and 10 percent of older adults in Canada experience some type of abuse - may affect seniors in all walks in life - Canada for concern gives the current demographic context- aging population > anyone can be a victim and everyone can be a perpetrator Abuse of Older Adults “ A single or repeated act, or lack of appropriate action, occurring in any relationship where there is an expectation of trust that causes harm or distress to an older persons” Common Forms of Abuse - Elder abuse may take may forms: > financial physical > emotional or psychological >sexual > neglect ( either self-neglect by seniors or neglect by others) Financial Abuse - extortion ( emotional blackmail) - robbery ( goods or cash - embezzlement ( savings) - identity theft - telemarketing schemes - Fraudulent preauthorized payment plans Physical Abuse: Hitting, pushing, throwing objects, force-feeding, secluding, bullying Psychological or Emotional - attacks on an individual’s dignity or self esteem - humiliation, threats, verbal abuse, infantilizing, ignoring or secluding, degrading remarks Sexual Abuse - harassment, foundling or touching - being victim of exhibitionism - being victim of sexual abuse - being ridiculed for wanting to express ones sexuality Neglect: - failure of the caregiver to provide appropriate care - examples of basic necessities: > water, food, clothing, shelter > personal hygiene, medicine , comfort, personal safety Spiritual Abuse: - restricted or loss of spiritual practices, customs, traditions > brought on by, or attributed to a belief system of the abuser Sy
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