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McMaster University
Health, Aging and Society
Anju Joshi

Health And AgingHow do sociologist look at health and agingthey look athealth illness aging and dying are socially constructed and structured by social categoriesie class gender race immigrant status etcpeople of higher socioeconomic status experience better health than lower sociostatuslooking at health life expectancy morbidity premature death social class is important beyond distinction of poor or not Education goes up health improvesperception of inequality also matters How we evaluate self and comparing to others this is the hierarchy stress perspective which says this we compare our situation to others who are doing better than we are we than experience stress And this stress impacts healthHealth structure by gender women outlive men but aging is really a womens issue because women are more likely to become widows live along low income therefore more likely to be poormen have higher rates of suicide than womenwomen experience greater morbiditydisability compared to menchronic illnesssome argue women have higher rates of chronic illness reflects willingness to seek diagnoses race ethnicity shapes health like aboriginals have poorer rates of things They are more likely to experience death from infection diseases which is linked to social settingsrace ethnicity health holds also for immigrants as compared to nonimmigrants They enjoy better health than nonimmigrant This is the healthy immigrant effectthis is because you have to be healthy to come here New comers than experience poorer health because they experience downward social mobilityMultiplejeopardy hypothesis if you belong to more than one lower status group impact becomes cumulative Visible minority female lowersocio impact bigger health is structured by age Physical and emotional health surveys have been done on emotional wellbeing older individuals experience better psych wellbeingexperience of getting older and physical decline have changed recently increasingly the point in life when you get diagnosisdisability the age which happens has shifted Its happening when older There is a delay in disability free health the compression of morbidity hypothesisdeath and dying how do socio look at itbeyond its medical contextdeath is socially constructed and meanings vary over time and placewhere do people die People used to die at home surrounded by family and community And it was part of everyday living and many experienced witnessing it first hand NOW most havent see die and in hospital is expectas a consequence of this death is invisible and privatemysterious and even scarier we fear because we have no connection to it
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