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Health and Aging Lecture - January 16th, 2012

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Health, Aging and Society
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Yvonne Leblanc

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thHealth and AgingLecture January 16 2012Learning Objectives y Introduction to Aging and Society o Terminology o Myths of Aging y Consider Theory in the Study of Aging o Theoretical Levels of Analysis Central o Central Theoretical ParadigmsIntroducing Aging and Society Today we are concerned with learning about aging because our aging population is growing y Aging is universal y Concern for older persons y Demand for services Aging Population Globallyy Increasing in the number of older persons y In most regions of the world the older population is growing faster than the total population y The proportion of older persons is increasingAging Population Canada y Older Canadians more than 13 of the population y Expected to reach approximately 25 by 2036Gerontology What is Gerontology y A system that systematically studies aging Goals of Gerontology y Researchers work to produce accurate knowledge about aging y Professionals apply this knowledge to create a better life for clients Myths of AgingWhat are Myths Common Age Related Myths y Many people die soon after retirement y Aging is a burden on the old and on society y Lifestyle changes wont help an elderly person y The older you get the sicker you will become TheoryTheory is a statement that tries to explain how facts or events are related Theory frames and guides a research process from beginning to end Researchers use theory to y Orient and explain heir findings
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