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Health and Aging 1BB3 - January 23rd, 2012

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Health, Aging and Society
Yvonne Leblanc

rdHealth and AgingLecture January 23 2012Researching the Effects of AgingAge Effects y Occur in the same individual over time y Occur with passage of time and are due to physical decline Cohort Effect y Cohorta group of people born during the same period of time often share a common background and experience of the world y Related to the time of a persons birth Period or Environmental Effect y Effects due to the time of measurementy Includes the social or historical effects on cohortsResearch Designs and MethodsDesignsCrosssectional y Studies many age groups at one point in time Pros y Quick to do y Relatively low cost y Draws attention to patterns of behavior that vary by age group Consy Confuse changes due to aging age effects with changes between age groups cohort effectsResearch DesignsLongitudinal Designs y Studies a single group of people at two or more points in time Pros y A truer picture of change over time Cons y Can take years to complete research y Expensive to set upmaintain y Problem of losing members of sample drop out moving away deathcan lead to a biased sample y Affected by environmentalperiod changesTime Lag y Studies different groups of people at the same time at different points in timeeg 70 yr olds in 1960 1970 1980 1990 Prosy Measures differences between cohorts
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