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Health and Aging Lecture - February 6th, 2012

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McMaster University
Health, Aging and Society
Yvonne Leblanc

thHealth and Aging Lecture February 6 2012Learning Objectives The Aging MindThe Aging SelfTo examine y Changes in psychological functioning normal y Changes in psychological functioning abnormal y Aging and theories of ethnicityContinuity theoryyou dont disengage from society continue doing things you like and did during middle agecontinue activities as long as possible The Aging Brain Brain y Shrinks in size y Loses weight y Parts of the brain lose neurons But There changes place gradually throughout life y The nervous system is able to adapt to change y Most neurons live through the entire life of the person y The body creates new neurons even later in lifePlasticityneuron connection being made to overcome deficiencyFive Psychological Functions Affected by Aging 1 Memory 2 Leaning 3 Intelligence 4 Personality 5 CreativityMemory What is memory The recall of information that one has learned Two types of memory y Episodic memory acquired at specific time and place specific knowledge of an experience eg recall of words on a list where you parked your car y Nonepisodic memory general knowledge of the word familiar information facts and languagebasedOlder people dont want to lose their memory as it makes them feel independentLatency the length of time a person takes to respond or react processing time
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