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Health, Aging and Society
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Jessica Gish

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September 19 2012 Lecture 1 The embodiment of AgingThinking Questions 1 For a moment think about your own body what comes to mind o Mechanism o Something that contains the self 2 Provide a description of the aging body o Slowing down deteriorating progression through social structures o more time to grow and mature o Past its prime 3 Write down a definition of embodiment 4 What do you think the relationship is between society and our aging body o society shapes out aging o society encourages the old body to be active 5 Emmanuelle Tulle Winton a gerontologist has described old bodies as being problematic What do you think she means by this statement o Old bodies are a burden on our society o communicates a sign on weakness o course pack pg 73 Assigned ReadingsCalasantiAgeism Gravity and GenderFairclothDifferent Bodies and the Paradox of AgingGilleardHiggsAgeing and its EmbodimentGubriumHolsteinThe Everyday Visibility of the Aging BodyThemes that cross cut readingsDiscuss what embodiment is and why studying aging embodiment is important Calasanti GilleardHiggs Consider why the aging body has been ignored in gerontological scholarship Calasanti FairclothWays to theorize the aging body and limitations of different perspectives all authors Identify different types or categories of bodies Faircloth Gish GubriumHolstein Discuss the everyday realityvisibility of the body Faircloth GubriumHolstein Draw connections between embodiment and the antiaging industry Calasanti GilleardHiggs Implications of ageism for embodiment Calasanti GilleardHiggsEmbodimentThe ways in which bodily or corporeal processes are intertwined with and molded by social processes social condition in later life retirement poverty widowhood
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