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Jonathan Bramson

Innate immunity I The first lines of defense (barriers to infection) HTH SCI 3I03 Ali A. Ashkar, DVM., PhD Humoral Cellular Antibody mediated CD4/CD8 mediated Humoral Cellular Epithelial cell Complement system Neutrophils Cytokines Macrophages Antimicrobial peptides NK cells Innate Immunity Adaptive Immunity Occurs in all metazoans Occurs in jawed vertebrate only Immediate response Delayed (5-7 days) response Generation of memory No memory Pathogen recognized by receptors Pathogen recognized by receptors (PRRs) encoded in the germ line generated randomly Receptors have very narrow Receptors have broad specificity, specificity Receptors are PRRs, Very limited Receptors are B-cell (BCR) and T-cell repertoire (TCR) receptors, huge repertoire Key functions of the innate immune system To prevent attachment and/or entry of pathogenic microbes into the host epithelial cells, while allowing growth of beneficial microbes. To recognize, control and eliminate pathogenic microbes at the site of entry To induce inflammation and bring extra help to the site of infection To orchestrate an appropriate and measured adaptive immune response Response to potential pathogens Innate immunity Prevention of attachment andNo infection! (intrinsic barrier) colonization Epithelial surfaces provide the first line of defense urogenital Flow of fluid Low pH Antibac. peptides Normal flora Dry epithelial surface: Skin Wet epithelial surface: Mucosa Skin: the largest organ (12-15% of body weight) Healthy skin is very resistant to viral and bacterial infections. Why and how? 1- 2- 3- 4- Mucosal surfaces Qdecompressor a are needed to see this
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