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Lecture 6

HLTHAGE 1AA3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Long Shot, Ironman Triathlon

Health, Aging and Society
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Geraldine Voros

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Health & Aging 1AA3
October 2, 2014
Kleinman Figure Two and Art Duerksen Discussion
Health Care Systems as Forms of Social and Symbolic Reality
To understand the paradigm and this particular article, we will look at a specific
person and his story that was in the news
Case study: Art Duerksen
1. 55 years old
2. Not a runner, not much of a swimmer, never owned a bike
3. Impulsively paid to join in a ironman triathlon to raise money for charity seven
months ago
4. Just before Christmas he started feeling sick, his speech became slurred and lispy,
his left side lost strength, his vision blurred and his balance abandoned him
5. He sought medical attention
6. A main artery at the top of his brain stem had become blocked and leaked blood –
he had suffered some brain damage – while in hospital he had another small
stroke and he went blind in his right eye
7. He was optimistic by nature – his family was scared – his son said he had never
seen his father like this before and that it looked like his father wasn’t there – his
father was lifeless
8. Doctors gave him hope and said that he might return to his old self but prepared
him for the other possibility
9. Medications made him violently ill, work and travel were out
10. Duerksen kept telling himself things could be a lot worse
11. When he mentioned to his doctor that he wanted to do the triathlon all he got was
a disbelieving laugh and a stern instruction to relax and take it easy
12. Duerksen started feeling better
13. A month later he climbed onto a treadmill at the hospital and walked for 5
minutes – very slowly
14. A few weeks later, he went swimming with a snorkel so he would have to move
his head
15. Bit by bit he added to the distance
16. His symptoms were fading
17. His vision returned his speech cleared up his strength increased by midsummer
and he completed a half-ironman
18. He decided to go for the full shot and do the triathlon he signed up for
19. A little over a month ago he swam 3.9 km, biked 180 km, ran 26 km in 14 hours
and 33 minutes
20. He can not explain it all he said was at the starting line he silently asked God to
run along side him – to keep him safe and to keep him believing he could do it
So how does this relate to the paradigm?
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