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Lecture 2

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Health, Aging and Society
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Jessica Gish

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Lecture 2 (Wednesday, September 11, 2013) – Introduction & Course Overview
Course Objectives
- Examine relations between the individual and society in the context of aging in Canada
- Explain what it means to say that aging is a social and cultural process
- Debunk common myths and misconceptions about older adults and the aging process
- Review prominent gerontological theories and research methods in the field aging
- Become familiar with a range of themes and topics that gerontologists study
- Discuss empirical research about older adults and Canadian social policy
- Introduce students to first person accounts of the lived experience of aging
- Develop an expansive and critical understanding of the challenges and promises of aging for
individuals, society, families, and health systems
- Advance written, research, and presentation skills appropriate for the university level
Succeeding in This Course
- Do your weekly readings
- Attend lecture and tutorial
- Lectures are for learning
- Tutorials are for doing
- Take notes
- Ask questions
- Think critically
- Invest time in your writing assignment
Course Evaluation
1. Midterm exam (October 3)
- 20%
2. Written assignment #1 (Dates to be posted on Avenue to Learn)
- Senior service profile paper and presentation
- 10%
3. Written assignment #2 (November 21)

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Lecture 2 (Wednesday, September 11, 2013) – Introduction & Course Overview Course Objectives ­ Examine relations between the individual and society in the context of aging in Canada ­ Explain what it means to say that aging is a social and cultural process ­ Debunk common myths and misconceptions about older adults and the aging process ­ Review prominent gerontological theories and research methods in the field aging ­ Become familiar with a range of themes and topics that gerontologists study  ­ Discuss empirical research about older adults and Canadian social policy ­ Introduce students to first person accounts of the lived experience of aging  ­ Develop an expansive and critical understanding of the challenges and promises of aging for  individuals, society, families, and health systems ­ Advance written, research, and presentation skills appropriate for the university level Succeeding in This Course ­ Do your weekly readings  ­ Attend lecture and tutorial ­ Lectures are for learning ­ Tutorials are for doing  ­ Take notes ­ Ask questions  ­ Think critically ­ Invest time in your writing assignment Course Evaluation  1. Midterm exam (October 3) ­ 20% 2. Written assignment #1 (Dates to be posted on Avenue to Learn) ­ Senior service profile paper and presentation ­ 10% 3. Written assignment #2 (November 21) 1 Lecture 2 (Wednesday, September 11, 2013) – Introduction & Course Overview ­ 25% 4. Tutorial participation and attendance (Assessed on a weekly basis) ­ 5% for participation  ­ 5% for attendance 5. Final exam (TBD by the office of the registrar) ­ 35% Examinations ­ All material is testable (e.g. lectures, videos, guest speakers) ­ Exams are NOT cumulative ­ Midterm  ▯multiple choice, true/false ­ Final exam  ▯multiple choice, true/false Tutorial Structure ­ Tutorial for everyone begin the week of Monday, September 16 ­ After Sept. 16 you will be divided into Group A and Group B and attend tutorial every other week  (schedule to be posted on A2L by Sept. 22) ­ Tutorial activities include: 1. Introduction to 
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