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Lecture 1

HLTHAGE 3Q03 Lecture 1: Lecture 1 Introduction to Healthcare and Incarceration

Health, Aging and Society
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Brunothe Bear

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Office: KTH 234
Reasonable notice ahead of time
Office hours: By appointment prior to class
Weekly, except class on July 28 and August 2 are dedicated to group work but no scheduled in-
class meeting
Written assignment: advantages and disadvantages to having a panoptic model of surveillance
within incarceration, 5 resources minimum
Group paper and media presentation: list of resources consulted for that media presentation,
maximum of 4 individuals, what are the health-related implications for children/partners of those
incarcerated, understand that there is an unknown impact of those who can face health-related
implications with having a family member within the correctional institution, the information that
we have can we presented in multiple ways and that it is important for that information to be
communicated in many different ways (academic vs. laymen's terms), directing towards an
academic within the paper, but media is towards the general public, action initiatives from these
for potential policy makers to know (POLICY!), media component (podcast, mock-news story,
PSA in 3 minutes) also 5 resources, can be the same 5, but must have 5 resources mentioned
All information is available within the uploaded course guideline/syllabus, assignment, project
documents on Avenue
Course Overview
Course Norms of Behaviour
Formation of groups - use this class time to form your groups, max. of 4 students per group
Notify Dr. Clancy as soon as you have a group formed
Next Steps
Lecture 1: Introduction to Healthcare and
June 21, 2016
6:10 PM
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