HLTHAGE 3R03 Lecture 2: HLTH AGE 3R03 Lecture 2

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HLTH AGE 3R03 – September 14th 2015
Defining inequalities, health disparities and determinants of
health; Introduction to the theoretical frameworks and
perspectives on health inequalities
Understanding social determinants of health: longitudinal studies
2 longitudinal studies in the 1980s (Bartley et al., 1995: 1-2):
o1. Office of National Statistics’ Longitudinal Study
finding: income based gap in mortality widening and getting
o2. The national study of health and development (study cohort:1946)
and the national child development study (study cohort:1958)
finding: social mobility, selection, artifacts = causes of health
inequalities over the life course
similar trends seen in Black report as in the 2nd part above
Understanding social determinants of health: After the Black Report
1998, chaired by Sir Donald Archeson
4 key areas of the Archeson report (BBC,1998)
obenefits: increasing access of benefits to workers; lower premium for
those that pay for medicine, etc. out of pocket (kind of like a benefit)
oeducation, health literacy and health promotion: best way to help
someone is to educate; having programs available in school, having
rec centers teaching about health education, teaching people about
behaviours, health related activities, teaching how to access resources
ofocus on fetal and baby development: providing care throughout
child’s life, but also providing care for fetal development; this includes
increasing access to education on prenatal care,
ostricter control on alcohol and tobacco via banning in certain
locations, stricter advertising: in order to get rid of risky
behaviours/health declining behaviours, they try to push stricter
regulations on advertising in order to increase overall people’s state
of health
this report was much better received than its predecessor (i.e. the Black
Understanding social determinants of health
what is the definition then of social determinants of health
interconnected nature between inequality
According to the WHO, social determinants of health are defined as:
o“The complex, integrated and overlapping social structures and
economic systems that are responsible for most health inequities.
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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