HLTHAGE 4Z06 Lecture Notes - Sandra Steingraber, Environmental Health, Diarrhea

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Published on 19 Apr 2013
Human Health and the Environment
Lecture 1
Your environment is your health (but not the only factor influencing your health)
What is environmental health?
According to the WHO: “In its broadest sense, environmental health
comprises those aspects of human health, disease and injuries that are
determined or influenced by factors in the environment.”
This includes the study of both the direct pathological effects of various
oSocial Environment
(housing, urban development, land use and transportation)
What is the environment?
Environment is everything that affect a living organism
Effect of environment on human health is so great
oManmade environment
The Environment
We cannot choose what happens in the natural environment but sure can help in
changing the events that take place in the environment
Social environment – are stressed even though we do not know about it which
affects health
Our health is affected by our environment
Most of them we can list some we neglect
Definitely know that the environment affects our health greatly
Factories, buildings and sewage comprise to form an artificial environment
We face the growth of the human population
Population is growing very fast – exponentially
Our consumption has increased incredibly because of the population
In a couple of decades the number of people on the planet will exceed the
sustainable number of people the earth can hold
Cannot support because of resources and the environment
We are using renewable and nonrenewable resources faster than they can grow
Renewable resources (trees, water) and non renewable resources (fossil fuels,
oil, coal)
The bigger question is can the resources of the earth be replenished at this rate
of growth?
A change in the earth is done so by humans – a form of alteration
We are aware of issues of environmental health concerns
Due to economic growth people are drawn to money and earning and seem not
to take notice of the destruction on their health
Life Support EESA10H3 S
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