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Lecture 1

ISCI 2A18 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Total Internal Reflection, Axon Terminal, ThalamusPremium

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Integrated Science
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Carolyn Eyles

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Neuroscience Introduction
September 15, 2014
Deda Gillespie: Office Hours Monday, 1-3 pm
Neuroscience study of nervous systems, including all that have evolved on this
planet, some (not all) include a brain
Nervous systems are complex biological systems. All biological systems are based on
physical and chemical systems. Neuroscience is inherently and necessarily
Systems, cellular, and molecular levels recently cognitive neuroscience – focus on
human and brain)
Most neuroscientists are neurobiologists (biophysicists, molecular biologists,
biochemists, cell biologists, physiologists…
2 key elements of the nervous system:
Fundamental unit, specialized structure (anatomy) axon, cell body,
(Electrically) excitable (electrophysiology, imaging) lipophilic membrane,
selective ion channels/transporters
Secretory cell (electrophysiology, imaging) highly-specialized proteins for
regulated release
How neurons communicate (electrophysiology, imaging, anatomy)
Pre-synaptic elements and postsynaptic elements
Neural circuit functional building block of nervous system, at least one neuron
and synapse
Functional group of 2 or more neurons that together perform one or more
Functional group of a neuron and an effector or receptor cell that together
perform one or more tasks
Not necessarily a closed circuit
Types of cells, together with their connectivity pattern, determine the kinds
of tasks that the circuit can perform
Glia more numerous than neurons in the brain
Can communicate directly with neurons
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