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Lecture 2

ITALIAN 3X03 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Italian Unification, Culture Of The Southern United States, North South Mrt Line

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September 10 ITALIAN 3X03
Notion of Italy
divided up (used to be north and south, now there is a central)
Look at pages 15-17 all the different ways that the Italian national census looks at Italy
Geographic central before 1861
Lazio / Latium is a region we have the city of Rome, we have smaller cities outside of
Rome administrative center in Rome in the city of Rome
o National, Regional, Municipal geared towards Abruzzo, Pescara
Campanile (Downtown) Campanilismo (exaggerated sense of regional identity, beyond
regional to the town or place); the Italian belief of strong identification that the bell
tower/local church is the most important
Regional identity
Holy Roman Empire still have kingdom of the two Sicily’s, Venice,
Italy in 1810: collection of republic kingdoms and states with links to other nations
No national unity/no single unifying languages
Building Nationhood “With Italy made, we must now make the Italians” Massimo
Azeglio, 1861
Italians had little loyalty to the state or to each other
Italy had not been created by the masses but by a small elite group (universal suffrage
had not yet been achieved)
Lack of faith in the state that still persists today
Geographical identified is localized to a region
Better protected if unified
Some had anti-immigration attitudes
Florence is in Toscana hate Florentines
North South distrust
La Ciociaria/ciociaro
The new kingdom of Italy was ruled by the former king of piedmont victor Emanuel II
(of Savoy)
The piedmontese went into the south to impose new rule and were met with rebellion
The North did not understand Southern culture and were unable to legitimize the new
political order
Southern reaction was brigandage and mafia-like behavior
Italian Unification 1861
Unified with a monarchy by the elite class
Language unity is officially established, is used in part by the education elite but does not
take hold for many years
Country comprised of vast rural areas populated by peasant farmers (illiterate)
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