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Lecture 1

ITALIAN 3X03 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: International Monetary Fund, Southern Italy, Reform War

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September 17 ITALIAN 3X03
The Economic Boom/Migration
“Dai tempi di Virgilio ad oggi, non era nau venuto un cambiamento coi profondo”
“There has never been so dramatic a change as this since the time of the Virgil”
- Christian democrat minister, 1965
- Reigned for over 30 years 1940s-1970s
Mussolini’s Peasantry as ‘Pillars of the Nation’
Mussolini had power over Italy for 20 years
Claudia, Badoli A history of Italy
The answer to postwar Italy’s economic woes:
o Italy’s position in the “west” through the North Atlantic Treaty (NATO 1949)
o Joining the ECC (Treaty of Rome)
o International Monetary Fund
The Economic Miracle
Postwar production and productivity boomed: 5.9 and 3.7% on average (Moliterno,186)
o Borrowed foreign technology and tradesmen
o Low wage economy
o Global demands for goods
Rural Exodus and the Great Migration
Italians move to town/city (rural exodus) and then to Rome and the industrial Nirth (the
great migration)
o Land reform”: land was redistributed but left with too little
o The Fund of the South” (“Cassa del Mezzogiorno”) was to modernize farming
technology but also abused power for farmersvotes only supported ‘viable
Land Reform
The land reform laws of 1950 made it possible for land reform agencies to expropriate
large, badly cultivated estates, mostly in southern or central Italy, improve them, and sell
them off to new peasant owners
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