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Lecture 9

KINESIOL 1A03 Lecture 9: Neurotransmission

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Krista Howarth Maureen J Macdonald

10242016 10:42:00 PM Propagation of Action Potentials Action potential spreads over surface of axon (domino effect) o As Na+ flows into cell during depolarization, adjacent voltage areas are effected and their voltage gated Na+ channels open o Self propagating along membrane Nerve impulse: travelling action potential Unmyelinated Axon Propagation Continuous conduction: (walking) o Local current: movement of positive ions Action potential occurs at one spot of membrane o Has ability to propagate by stimulating adjacent regions Technically, does not move along axon Spreads in one direction only (forward, not backward) o Refractory period makes sure that axons are unable to take another signal Myelinated Axon Propagation Saltatory conduction: action potential conducted between nodes of ranvier (leaping) o Local current flows between nodes Voltage gated Na+ channels are concentrated at nodes o Because there are many more channels, there is a larger response and it is happening faster = faster depolarization Flow of action potential is faster because of leaping effect Majority of neurons in body are myelinated, so they travel this way
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