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Danny M.Pincivero

Three S’s – 1) saturated fats 2) sodium 3) sugar Chapter 1 & 2 – only key term (bolded) Free radicals – product of metabolic processes (oxidative phosphorylation, kreb cycle), the oxygen picks up an extra electron, usually forms H2O, due to incomplete cycle Superoxide anion (O2-) Exercise increases oxygen consumption and superoxide anion, highly reactive, binds to cell membranes, DNA, excessive superoxide -> premature aging Nutrition perspective: nutrients like vitamin c, E, selenium Phytochemicals: free radical neutralizing, hormone balancing, lowering LDL Carbohydrates: supplies energy to cell, red blood cells lack mitochondria Storage: liver, skeletal muscles Food sources: simple/complex CHO Problems: diabetes mellitus Storage form: glycogen Lipids: fats, oils, cholesterol, phospholipids Purpose: building block of phospholipids and glycolipids, protein modficiation by attacking to fatty acids, fuel, derivatives serve as hormones and intracellular messengers Storage: WAT AND BAT (white adipose (under skin, skeletal) tissue, brown adipose tissue), having fat in skeletal muscle is efficient for endurance Food sources: meat, dairy, coconut, olives, avocado Problems: obesity, CHD, CAD (coronary heart, artery) Proteins: structure and energy, storage: every tissue, food source: meat, fish, dairy, (highest quality proteins, all essential amino acids in one serving), grains, legumes, vegetables (only soy, quinos and lentils – rich source of protein) Problems: kwashiorkor: lack of dietary protein/fat deposition into liver/swelling Marasmus: muscle wasting, fat depletion Excess: heart disease, cancers, osteoporosis (increased of Ca++ excreation) Use of energy: break down of proteins into amino acids for energy Proteins: Non protein nitrogenous compounds: composed of amino acids, but not a protein Examples: glutathione, carnitine, carnosine, creatine, choline The body breaks down fat until it gets less energy than it spends, so it swit
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