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Krista Howarth

1 HomeostasisSeptember 8 20131139 PMbody deals with homeostasissweating sweat enough blood volume will begin to decrease blood volume decrease leads to drop in blood pressure therefore in order to increase blood flow in the body is to increase the heart rate but it is a temporary fix as you exercise you will lose more blood volume the other signal sent out is thirst which replenish those water body sourcesbody is using different coordinated physiological responses to maintain body environmentPhysiological systems try to maintain fairly stable environmentany deviation away from homeostasis will make adjustments and try to return back to equilibriumthe set point is the normal level of the body from which it fluctuatesbody set point for temperature is 37 degree celsiusthroughout of the course of the day there is fluctuations at set point body temperature will rise and lower but average out to the set pointset point is the ideal normal value of a variableMany organ systems cells tissues involved during homeostasisquiet a complicated conceptthe body needs to maintain its cellular energy productionwhen we digest our food we are taking in nutrients in form of carbohydrates fat and protein taken up by digestive systemthey are taken up by the body through circulatory system and rotated through our bodyRespiratory system the process of using air from the cells and taking it in circulationcarbon dioxide feces urine are wastes that are rleased through different systems
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