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Krista Howarth

Cardio Respiratory KIN 2CC3 Notes - Jan 9th Major Tissues in exercise metabolism:▯ - Lungs▯ ❖ supplies oxygen to heart and circulation▯ - heart and circulation▯ - skeletal muscle - causes the demand for energy, dictates change in everything else▯ ❖ requires fuel and oxygen from heart/circulation▯ ❖ we are using oxygen to break down the fuels that our body needs to keep going▯ ❖ produces: metabolic by-products = carbon dioxide, heat, la etc.. — these get transferred away from skeletal muscle▯ ❖ lactic acid byproduct: can change the pH which isn’t good for the system▯ Minor Tissues:▯ - supply tissues: fuels to heart and circulation ▯ ❖ liver (glycogen)▯ ❖ adipose tissue (triglycerides)▯ ❖ skeletal muscle (conserves own energy so readily available)▯ - removal tissues: removal of byproducts▯ ❖ skin (red faces - increased blood flow dissipates heat)▯ ❖ liver (lactic acid - converts to glucose)▯ ❖ heart (likes to use lactate as energy)▯ *** as you train, some muscle fibres can use lactate▯ ▯ ENERGY PRODUCTION▯ “Bioenergetics” - energy transfer in the body▯ **REVIEW** 3 main sites we need energy for:▯ 1. sarcoplasmic reticulum (pumps calcium)▯ 2. myosin heads (allows CBs to move)▯ 3. sodium potassium pump▯ ▯ ATP▯ - when broken down it releases energy▯ - we need to constantly rebuild it ▯ ❖ Fuel —> energy —> work▯ bioenergetics: the study of energy transfer via chemical reactions in living tissues▯ ENERGY TRANSFER: thermodynamics▯ ❖ heat energy, chemical, mechanical, electrical▯ ❖ 1st law: energy cannot be crested nor destroyed, only transferred from one form to another▯ ❖ ∆E = Usable E + Non-usable E▯ ❖ u
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