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Cardio KIN 2CC3 lecture Jan 16.pdf

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Krista Howarth

Cardiorespiratory KIN 2CC3 Lectures ▯ RECALL:▯ - The enzyme involved in the hydrolysis of ATP is ATPase▯ ❖ myosin, calcium, na/k ▯ - we use up our source of ATP in about 2 seconds - we need to generate it ASAP▯ ▯ 3 Systems of Metabolism▯ 1. Phosphagen Breakdown - intense exercise, quick rebuild▯ 2. Non-Oxidative Glycolysis - breakdown of carbohydrates WITHOUT oxygen▯ 3. Oxidative Metabolism - breakdown of all fuel sources, requires oxygen, keeps us going at rest, prolonged exercise, yet it is a bit slower so in intense exercise we can’t utilize it as much as we would like▯ ▯ PHOSPHAGEN SYSTEM▯ Location: cytosol ▯ O 2: no▯ Fuel Storage Form: PCr (Phosphocreatine▯ ▯ NON-OXIDATIVE METABOLISM▯ Location: cytosol ▯ O 2: no▯ Fuel Storage Form: glucose and glycogen▯ ▯ OXIDATIVE METABOLISM▯ Location: Mitochondria▯ O 2: yes▯ Fuel Storage Form: glucose and glycogen, FA/TG, AAs▯ ❖ we use this source if we can, but sometimes its too slow▯ ▯ inside the muscle fibre in the cytosol is the CBs, surrounded by the sarcolemma▯ - as the CBs move they use ATP, produces ADP▯ - the production of ADP is key, as soon as the enzymes sense more ADP than normal, this triggers a variety of different metabolism pathways▯ - to regenerate ATP we call on our three systems▯ ❖ Phosphagen: SUPER fast, ONE reaction▯ ❖ Glycolytic: 10 reactions, a little slower▯ ❖ Oxidative: greater than 10 reactions, fuel is being produced in the mitochondria and must be transferred out into the cytosol. ALSO, fuels need to be sent to the mitochondria so we can use them.▯ ▯ ENERGY SYSTEMS: Rate vs Duration of ATP Supply▯ Phosphagen: fastest, runs out fast▯ Glycolytic: about half as fast as Phos, bu
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