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Cardio KIN 2CC3 lecture Jan 17.pdf

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McMaster University
Krista Howarth

Cardiorespiratory KIN 2CC3 Lectures Supplementing with Creatine▯ - creatine gets digested and taken up into bloodstream and sent to muscle▯ - it needs to get into cytosol to be effective▯ - why don’t we ingest PCr instead of Cr?▯ ❖ high energy phosphate group would get dissociated when broken down in the gut, only creatine can▯ Cr + ATP —> ADP + PCr▯ - we need ATP to turn it into PCr▯ - theory: increase Cr in diet, resulting in increased storage in muscle▯ - does it work??▯ ❖ sometimes: brief, intense, repeated exercise. it doesn’t impact a single bout of intense exercise on performance. it’s effective when you have a larger storage and you can regenerate quickly in between bouts. You can reduce the rest time because you have more storage.▯ ❖ Problems: some people can load stores more than normal, some people can’t. not everyone responds.▯ ❖ Weight gain, water retention.▯ ❖ simply allows people to do more work. and if they can do more work than they will get better results.▯ ❖ you need to load the stores, you can’t just drink it on your way to the gym.▯ ❖ IDEAL: small doses throughout the day▯ ▯ 2. NON OXIDATIVE GLYCOLYSIS▯ - partial breakdown of glucose / glycogen without oxygen▯ - rapid process but limited by metabolic by-products▯ - metabolic by-products interfere before we run out of glucose/glycogen▯ - ATP: 2-3 units formed per unit of substrate▯ ▯ Carb Fuels: Glucose and Glycogen▯ - we cleave off individual glucose molecules off glycogen in order to use them▯ - glucose and glycogen sit next to the CBs in the cytosol▯ - less glycogen in the slow twitch fibre, more glycogen in the fast twitch fibre (larger storage of glycogen)▯ ▯ Glucose and Glycogen Catabolism▯ GLUCOSE▯ - 6-C molecule ***keep track of where these 6-C are going▯ - middle step: glucose 6-phosphate▯ - GOAL: to form 2 molecules of pyruvate: 3-C▯ GLYCOGEN▯ - middle step: glucose 1-phosphate▯ - SAME GOAL▯ ▯ Glycolysis: breakdown of 1 glucose molecule to form 2 pyruvates▯ Gly
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