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Jennifer Heisz

Health Psych KIN 2G03 Notes Jan 9th Can cold pain tolerance levels be manipulated by self deception?▯ - half were told: increase in cold tolerance is healthy▯ - half were told: decrease in cold tolerance is healthy▯ Results: People select actions that are diagnostic of favorable outcomes▯ ▯ Placebo Effect: beliefs about the treatment have a huge effect on if the treatment will work▯ ▯ Challenged with diagnosing Disease▯ ▯ How do the body and mind communicate?▯ - patient experiences dramatic mood swings, anxiety, hallucinations, racing heart, nausea, joint pain▯ - mental symptoms could be something wrong with her body if she doesn’t respond to anti- depressants▯ - a rare genetic disorder affects her mental function as well as her body function▯ ❖ she suffered for 10 years because the psychiatrists weren’t asking the right questions▯ ▯ diseases of the mind and body are treated separately ▯ - causes a problem in our approach to medicine, because the mind and body do work together▯ ▯ mind-body communication▯ - nervous▯ - endocrine▯ - immune system▯ ▯ Acute Infection Induces a negative Mood▯ - 30 healthy males were injected with placebo or with vaccine▯ - they were testing for mood▯ - those injected with vaccine see a large increase in negative mood▯ ❖ getting injected with a pathogen affects their psychological well being▯ How does the infection alter mood?▯ - receptor cells in cytoplasm detect pathogens ▯ - cytokine receptors come in contact with pathogens and release cytokine - calls out all other immune cells to site of infection to fight▯ - first response is to cause inflammation at site of infection - caused by cytokines, basic innate immune response▯ - MOOD: cytokines activate the brain, they need to shut off inflammation response (neg feedback loop), some cytokines can get into the brain causing symptoms such as fever, lack of appetite, social withdrawal▯ - social withdrawal: cytokines bind with amygdylla and it changes its response - same thing that happens with people with social phobia▯ - the same chemical messengers that protect your body can affect your psychological well being▯ - temporary withdrawal when sick could be said to be adaptive.▯ ▯ Some scientists say chronic inflammation may be the cause of some depression in people with major depressive disorder▯ ❖ maybe people have a heightened immune response rather than lack of serotonin▯ - people who have chronic phy
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