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Kin 3K03: Sports Injuries (Burners and Stingers Summary)

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Krista M Baker

Sports Injuries: Kin 3K03 BURNERS AND STINGERS Brachial Plexus - The brachial plexus is the web of nerves responsible for movement of the arm (C5 to T1) Neuropraxia - Neuropraxia is to nerves as sprain is to ankle - Lowest level of neural injury (1 level) - It is a transient conduction block; lasts seconds MAYBE minutes with little to no structural failure - Affects peripheral axis of nerve - Repeated injury may result in greater neurological damage such as Axonotmesis and Neurotmesis (severed nerves) Charbonneau et al. - In Canadian university football, there is 26% incidence of burners/stingers - 59% of these incidents were reported to medical staff (frequent occurrence but underreported) - Linebackers and offensive line experience these the most Athlete Presentation -“Burning or stinging” pain; Paresthesia, numbness. - Shoulder  Hand … - And/or muscular weakness in the elbow and shoulder. - Unilateral; symptoms only on one side of the body (not a central nervous system issue) - Full, pain-free cervical ROM, no symptoms in lower extremity. - Where does it usually occur? Arm - When would it be a spinal cord issue? Lateral - What is a dead arm? Weakness/Paralysis, affects abductors and lateral rotators, caused by repetitive movements (which creates build-up of tissue on posterior side of arm; rotator cuff), weakness in elbow flexors. MOI (Mechanism of Injury) Tensile/traction Mechanism o How to rip brachial plexus? Contralateral flexion of cervical spine or depression of shoulder girdle. o arm pulled away from trunk o landing on the shoulder and side of head Compressio
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