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Kin 3K03: Sports Injuries (Ankle Sprains Summary)

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McMaster University
Krista M Baker

Sports Injuries: Sports 3K03 ANKLE SPRAINS Lateral Ankle Posterior Talofibular (PTF) - limits inversion in dorsiflexed position Anterior Talofibular (ATF) - smallest, sprains the most often - limits inversion in plantar flexed position Candaneal Fibular Ligament (CFL) - 2 most common ligament to sprain -usually sprain in combination with ATF - limits inversion in neutral (somewhere b/w neutral and a little dorsiflexed)  ALL limit inversion Medial Ankle Anterior Tibiotalar & Tabionavicular (ATT) - limits eversion in plantar flexed position Posterior Tibiotalar (PTT) - limits eversion in dorsiflexed position Tibocalcaneal (TC) - limits eversion in neutral position Tibio-Fibular Syndesmosis -short, tough fibers that hold tibia and fibula together (very strong ligaments) Mechanisms of Injury Landing  Common way to sprain ankle, landing from a height  Basketball, volleyball Planting  Planting foot on uneven ground can predispose us for ankle injuries  Cross country, gymnastics (balance beam) Pivoting  Having foot firmly placed on ground and then changing directions  Rotate tibia over top of foot (passive movement)  Basketball, soccer Sports Injuries: Sports 3K03   External rotation of leg lengthens and rips open the ATF and PTT (foot doesn’t move)  Lateral malleolus will move backwards, medial malleolus will move forward  Lengthen 2 ligaments and shorten 2  You will most commonly see tibia turned in to the foot  Dorsiflexion + rotation = most potential for high ankle sprain (slowest to recover)  Syndesmosis  tibia turned in on foot, foot turned out to tibia. When you do this movement, you jam the talus into tib fib space. If done quickly with a lot of weight, easi
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