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Kin 3K03: Sports Injuries (Epicondylitis Summary)

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Krista M Baker

Sports Injuries: Kin 3K03 EPICONDYLITIS Lateral epicondyle  attachment site for wrist flexors -carpi radialis muscles -extensor digitorum -supinator muscle (doesn’t attach directly to epicondyle but still functions with flexors) Tennis Elbow • Epicondylitis or Tendinopathy? • We’re dealing with a tendinopathy, chronic failure of the tendons attaching to lateral epicondyle o Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis (ECRB) o Extensor Digitorum Communis (EDC) o Radial head  closest structural relationship to ECRB & EDC. Prominent, tendons stretch around it and are subject to compression within their joints. (most subject to tendinopathy) o Acute to chronic progression. Chronic degenerative process. o Elite tennis players are more likely to have shoulder problems than elbow. Presentation • Well-localized pain o Insertional or mid-substance? o Very specific pain location, directed towards epicondyle and radial head (right at the insertion of lateral epicondyle or 1 or 2 cm distal to that point, where the friction happens) • Exacerbated by? o Wrist; active/resisted extension from neutral position  Resisted wrist extension while in neutral wrist position (lengthened muscle) and radial deviation is the MOST aggravating. o Finger; resisted extension of the middle finger o Forearm; pronated forearm position while hand is gripping something (picking up kettle from stove) o During tennis backhand, wrist extensors need to contract at the time of contact with the ball in
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