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Krista M Baker

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1 Shoulder Lab You may find it helpful to review the actions and general locations of the following muscles: Pectoralis Minor Supraspinatus Pectoralis Major Infraspinatus Serratus Anterior Teres Minor Upper Trapezius Subscapularis Lower Trapezius Latissimus Dorsi Middle Trapezius Teres Major Rhomboids Deltoids (3) Plus locations of the following bony landmarks: Coracoid process Acromion process Inferior angle of scapula AC joint Hand on the hip stretch • Stretch tissues on the posterior aspect of the GH joint • Model seated, actively anchor the scapula in neutral to start • GH joint internally rotated to bring the hand to the hip, or behind the back McMaster University, Department of Kinesiology KIN 4KK3, Winter 2013 2 • Tester faces model, inside hand on front of the humeral head, outside hand placed on the back of the elbow: draw the elbow forward to internally rotate the GH joint while applying a posteriorly-directed pressure to the humeral head Pectoralis Minor Stretching • Pinning • Model lies supine, tester stands beside model, facing the model’s feet • Inside hand “pins” the pectoralis minor • Outside hand holds the target arm in abduction (aligned with pectoralis minor fiber direction) then draws the target arm away from the origin • Pinning the Pectoralis Minor Pectoralis Major stretching • Open book on the ground • Patient begins in side-lying “stacked” position; target arm is on top McMaster University, Department of Kinesiology KIN 4KK3, Winter 2013 3 • Bottom hip may be flexed or neutral, top hip is flexed • “Open the book” with trunk rotation and cross extension of the shoulder • No motion of the pelvis, only ribcage and shoulder • Extended elbow or flexed: flexed elbow offers a less aggressive approach Resistance Exercises External Rotators • Infraspinatus and Teres Minor • Option 1: Side-lying with small towel roll between elbow and ribs, target arm on top • Option 2: Prone lying • Watch for errors: trunk rotation, shoulder girdle shrugging, GH abduction, and wrist extension Scaption for Supraspinatus McMaster University, Department of Kinesiology KIN 4KK3, Winter 2013 4 • Abduction of the GH joint, followin
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