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McMaster University
Krista M Baker

TENS and NMES Practical Session Safety Screen your partner for the following list of contraindications: • Pacemaker or other electrically active implants • Epilepsy or history of seizures • Active cancer local to the site of application • Active infection local to the site of application • Pregnancy (lumbar or abdominal region) • Injury that can be exacerbated by muscular contraction • Locally impaired sensation or circulation • No application to the anterior surface of the neck or thorax • No application near the eyes Informed Consent Ask your partner if they wish to participate as a model. Every student has the right to refuse the application; this is a practical learning opportunity, but not a course requirement. Equipment Checklist • TENS or NMES unit • Bag of electrodes • Bag of cables • Small hand towel or paper towel • Bottle of conductive gel KIN 4KK3 Winter 2013 1 TENS and NMES Practical Session Setup (either unit) • Check that your unit has a battery: an access panel is on the back of each unit. • Flip open the plastic cover on the top of the unit. There are two control dials underneath this cover. Make sure both dials are turned off (all the way counter-clockwise to an audible click). • Remove one set of cables from the cable bag (there are two sets in each bag). Make sure the cable is intact before you plug it in firmly beside Dial 1 on the top left of the unit. • Remove two carbon electrode pads from their bag (there are four in each bag). Slide one pad onto the end of each cable; there is a red end and a black end. KIN 4KK3 Winter 2013 2 TENS and NMES Practical Session EMS/NMES Goal: To generate a contraction of the muscles of the anterior (flexor) compartment of the forearm (Tibialis anterior or Biceps Brachii can be used as alternative locations) Electrode placement: Check your partner’s skin for abrasions or other wounds. If the skin is intact you can proceed. Have your partner clench their fist to make the muscle bellies stand out. Smooth a thin, but complete, layer of gel across the flat surface of an electrode. Place it on your partners flexor compartment, just below a point 1 thumb width inferior and anterior to the medial epicondyle. Make sure to apply the electrode to an area that has no obvious hair. Apply gel to the other electrode pad and apply it to the flexors at least one electrode pad width inferior to the first electrode pad. Settings Turn Dial 1 on, by turning it slightly clockwise. You should see the LCD display turn on. Open the control panel by flipping it open from the left side. Press the MODE button until the display reads: CONSTANT at the top of the display. Press SET to switch the remaining settings. Use the up and down arrows to set the values for the settings which will include: • Width (300 µsec) • Rate (50 Hz) • Timer (30 minutes) KIN 4KK3 Winter 2013 3 TENS and NMES Practical Session When your partner is ready you can increase the intensity gradually (clockwise) through the following three stages. • Current detection (tingling) • Muscle twitching • Tetany (full muscular contraction): finger flexion, wrist flexion, wrist ulnar deviation, forearm pronation are all possible actions you will see. • To release the contraction turn the intensity dial down to near zero (no current detectable). Change the mode to SYNCHRONOUS. Use SET to change the following parameters: • Ramp (time to rise to full intensity, and time to decrease at the end: 3 s) • ON (10 s) duration of contraction • OFF (30 s) rest interval between contractions • Width (300 µsec) • Rate (50 Hz) • Time (30 minutes) Turn the intensity dial off. Turn it back on again and immediately begin to increase the intensity gradually (clockwise) until you reach a comfortable tetany. The current will be on for 10 seconds, and will turn off for 30 seconds. You can o
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