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Krista Howarth

Lecture 1 Demographics of Aging 1 Who Are the Elderly Middle Ageo 4065 years oldo 1030 loss of function in major biological systems does not affect quality of life very much Old Age when your actions creek louder than your wordso 6575 years of ageo Further decline in biological functiono In most cases these people can still maintain independence if do not have a disease or are disabled Very Old Ageo 75 85 years of ageo Loss of ability to perform ADLso Require some potential assistance Oldest Old Ageo Greater than 85o Institutionalized andor nursing care usually requiredo The fastest growing group in our society today2 The Human Life Span Maximum Life Spano Hasnt changed over past 2 centurieso Defined as the survival potentialBiological upper limit for species to age Age of 115120 dictated by biology of the specieso Currently the oldest verified age for a human is 122 years Jeanne Calment 18751997Sold her apartment on a contingency plan Outlived the lawyer who bough his apartmento Current oldest living person is Jiroemon KimuraJapan 115 years oldborn April 19 1897 Also the oldest man evero Oldest Canadian Ever Marie Louise Milleur was 117 years old and 230 days Was bourn August 29 1880 and died April 16 1998 Living MarleBarwisborn in US now lives in BC now is 112o Born December 23 1990 Flora Thibodeau born in New Brunswick and still living Oldest old people do not die at exponential rate they die at a slower rate The oldest old population is not dying of at the same rate as the younger people because of advancement in medicinesmall effect Also people that have made it to that age are already in good health There is something about these peoples genetics biology and how they are impacted by the environment that is slowing them to live this long Typically these people have good genetics and less impact from the environment Also might have good immune system Oldest woman are 2 lbs of chocolate a week and the oldest living man says his secret is eating small portions and getting lots of sunlight Survival of the fittest these individuals have characteristics that are allowing them to live longer These individuals have higher threshold for disease
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