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Anna Moro

Linguistics 01/07/2014 Creativity in Sentences It is possible to make up a sentence that makes no sense at all, yet humans are still able to understand it and try to make sense of it Ex. Mad libs Given an: adjective, name, body part, verb, noun, number, plural noun, liquid, adverb It is possible to make up a totally random story but it is still possible Why does it work? Because words are grouped into …. (next point) Syntactic Categories (a.k.a. lexical categories, parts of speech) Words from the same category behave (not meaning) the same way in their Inflectional morphology Syntactic distribution (where is it in the sentence) (Descriptions of each category are on lecture slides posted on avenue) Some words belong to more than one category – OPEN-CLASS WORDS Ex. “smart” can be an adjective, but if someone said “I just smarted” obviously it doesn’t make sense because that’s not possible although in that sentence, the word becomes a verb Ex. “blind” is usually an adjective, but saying “I blinded him” is a verb, also “close the blinds” makes it a noun Content words, lexical categories – the things that denote what the sentence is saying, ex. Kid drop cat, but we need the words in between to finalize the sentence and make it complete.. (next poin
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