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Lecture 1A 1/11/2013 1:44:00 PM Dr. Anderson  Tuesdays 10-12  Wednesdays 1-3 Sheryl Sawyer, TSH 624A  Monday 2-4  Friday 10-12 Students will be able to:  Analyze the word and sentence structures of English and other languages o SYNTAX CHPT 5  Understand the systematic ways in which languages assign meaning to words and sentences o SEMANTICS  Recognize the primary factors that contribute to language variation o SOCIOLINGUISTICS  Understand key elements of theories of language acquisition and processing Lecture 1B 1/11/2013 1:44:00 PM  Tutorial begin Monday  Do homework for Monday Lexical Categories • (a.k.a. Syntactic Categories, Parts of Speech) • Words from the same category behave the same way in their: • inflectional morphology – gives you grammatical information o most nouns can become plurals o heavy is an adjective because it describes the noun o you would find it in the beginning of the sentence o morphology would be heavier or heaviest o greet is a verb because it describes an action o in a sentence it could be I can greet you o height is a noun because you can make it plural o blind would be adjective, noun, or verb depending on how its
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